China Professional 6.3777.0 Drive Belt for Relacement Kaeser Mbl-Rtbstar 500L Air CZPT V-Ribbed Spare Parts with Good quality

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6.3777.0 Drive Belt for Relacement Kaeser Air Screw Compressor V-Ribbed Belt Spare Parts


Product Description

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Adopt anticorrosion efficient condensation of superfine fiber material as the main body, filter the system filter filter bed combination prediction filter layer, superfine fiber layer, support layer, filter layer and gravity sedimentation, etc, make the compressor output above 3 microns of solid particles in the air can filter out, all is the extremely small mu is about 0.01-1 m of the disintegration of oil and gas dissolved in through the filter is condensed into larger droplets, accumulate in the bottom of the filter, again through the return pipe of siphon filter at the bottom of the sunken place back to lubrication system so that the compressor discharge more pure and oil-free compressed air.

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Common causes of screw air compressor oil clogging failure:

1. The surrounding environment of the screw air compressor. There are corrosive gases in the surrounding environment of the screw air compressor. For example, in some occasions, sulfide, thinner, cleaning chemicals, etc. will volatilize in the air. The high temperature of the machine itself will accelerate the oxidation of the oil. Once these gases Entering the screw air compressor system, there is a chemical reaction with the engine oil, resulting in carbon deposits and sludge, etc. Some of the impurities enter the oil circulation system and are intercepted by the oil filter, and the other part of the impurities rises to the oil with the oil-gas mixture. When the gas passes through the oil, these Impurities stay on the oil filter paper, block the filter holes, and increase the resistance of the oil, so that the oil needs to be replaced in a short period of time.


2. Qualified air filter, oil filter, and engine oil are not used, 1 or more of them exist. The air filter with poor filtration accuracy will prevent some dust particles in the air from being intercepted, and will directly enter the screw air compressor system, and the oil filter and oil component load will be too large, resulting in blockage; impurities and oil oxides entering the screw air compressor system , worn metal particles, etc. Due to the poor filtration accuracy of the oil filter, a part of the intercepted oil filter filter layer, another part of the impurities has been continuously in the machine until it rises to the oil, and stays in the filter layer of the oil after separation, causing the oil to be removed prematurely. Blockage: engine oil with poor oxidation resistance should not be used, even if the working time is short, it will produce carbon deposits and jelly, which will block the oil.

3. There is leakage on the pipeline between the air filter and the air inlet of the main engine. The common causes of leakage are: the air filter is not installed properly; the contact area of the air filter assembly is uneven; the contact surface between the air filter and the assembly has dirt attached to it, resulting in leakage; ; Air filter or air filter assembly rupture, etc.

4. Excessive moisture in the oil filter material will cause the filter material to swell and shrink, reducing the effective separation area of the oil, resulting in an increase in the resistance of the oil and premature blockage of the oil.


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This is only a part of the part numbers, many oil separator filters P/N are not listed, in addition there are replacements filters for many other air compressor brands.

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Now over 100,000 quality filters including compressed air filters, Hydraulic Filters and complete filter housing assemblies at wholesale discounts.

We offer OEM products as well as high quality replacements, engineered to precise OEM specifications and guaranteed to match the exact form, fit and function as the original equipment.

Our company is committed to continuous innovation and further improvement to create, improve the efficiency and productivity of excellence, to achieve the highest level of reliability and performance.



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1. Provide professional advice on the design of customers; Or according to the customer’s request to provide solutions.

2. All filter element will be test before delivery, OEM and ODM order are accepted, Any kind of logo printing or design are available.

3. Good Quality + Factory Price + Quick Response + Reliable Service, is what we are trying best to offer you.

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6.If you have any question, please contact us freely by E-mail or Telephone.




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Company team

Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city of HangZhou,is a professional manufacturer of air compressor filters and separators,

We repect the enterprise spirit of “steadyfastness,hard work and responsibility” and creat a good corporate environment based on the operation principle of “Integrity,reliability and innovation”.



With the survival idea of “perfect technology, good service and excellent quality”,
We always adhere to customer first,
aim at serving customer sincerely and touching customer with our service.

We plunge ourselves to provide clear and sustainable comprssed air to our customer,
meanwhile constantly pursue to save the sunning cost of compressor system for them.
Profession, concentration, focus is our corporate philosophy.



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Q1.What is your packing clause?

Answer:generally, we put our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. Or customize any kind of packing according to your request. If you have registered a patent legally,We can put the goods in your brand packing box after receiving your authorization.

Q2.What is your payment condition?
Answer: T / T 30% as a margin, 70% before delivery.Before the balance is paid, we will show you the photos of the products and packaging.

Q3.What is your delivery condition?
Answer: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU.

Q4.What’s your delivery time?
A:Generally speaking,it takes 30 to 60 days after receiving the advance payment.The exact time of delivery depends on the items and quantities of your order.

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Answer:Yes,we can produce it through your sample or technical drawings.We can build molds and fixtures.

Q6.What is your sample policy?
Answer:if we have spare parts in stock, we can provide the sample, but the customer must pay the sample cost and the cost of the sample.Express delivery cost.

Q7.Did you test all the goods before delivery?
Answer: Yes, we have 100% tests before delivery.

Q8: How do you make our business a long and good relationship?
Answer: 1. We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Air Compressor
Feature: Air Compressor
Tensile Strength: Common
Type: V Belt
Part Number: 6.3777.0
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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v belt

What are the best practices for storing spare V-belts to maintain their quality?

Proper storage of spare V-belts is essential to maintain their quality and ensure their performance when they are needed. Here are some best practices for storing spare V-belts:

  1. Clean and Dry Environment:
  2. Store the V-belts in a clean and dry environment to prevent contamination and moisture damage. Avoid storing them in areas where they may be exposed to dirt, dust, chemicals, or excessive humidity. Keeping the storage area clean and well-ventilated helps preserve the integrity of the belts.

  3. Temperature and Humidity Control:
  4. Ensure that the storage area has controlled temperature and humidity levels. Extreme temperatures or high humidity can adversely affect the belt material, leading to deterioration or loss of elasticity. Ideally, the temperature should be kept within a range of 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F), and the humidity should be maintained at around 40% to 70%.

  5. Avoid Direct Sunlight:
  6. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause the belt material to degrade over time. Store the spare V-belts away from direct sunlight or any other sources of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. If possible, use opaque containers or covers to shield the belts from light.

  7. Avoid Bending or Twisting:
  8. Do not store the V-belts in a way that causes excessive bending or twisting. This can result in permanent deformation or stress on the belts, compromising their performance. Keep the belts flat or hang them in a manner that maintains their original shape.

  9. Proper Packaging:
  10. If the V-belts are stored in packaging, ensure that the packaging is intact and provides adequate protection against external elements. Avoid storing the belts in damaged or torn packaging, as it may expose them to contaminants or moisture.

  11. First-In-First-Out (FIFO) Rotation:
  12. Implement a first-in-first-out (FIFO) rotation system for spare V-belts. This means using the oldest belts first and replenishing the stock with newly purchased belts. This practice helps prevent the storage of belts for extended periods, reducing the risk of degradation or obsolescence.

  13. Regular Inspections:
  14. Periodically inspect the stored V-belts for any signs of damage, such as cracks, brittleness, or deterioration. If any issues are detected, replace the affected belts promptly to ensure that only high-quality spare belts are available for use when needed.

By following these best practices, you can maintain the quality and performance of spare V-belts, ensuring that they are ready for use and prolonging their service life.

v belt

How do you troubleshoot common issues with V-belts, such as slipping or squealing?

Troubleshooting common issues with V-belts, such as slipping or squealing, is essential to maintain the proper operation and efficiency of the belt drive system. Here are some troubleshooting steps to address these issues:

  1. Slipping:
  2. Slipping occurs when the V-belt fails to maintain proper traction with the pulleys, resulting in reduced power transmission and potential belt wear. To troubleshoot slipping issues:

    • Check the belt tension: Insufficient tension is a common cause of slipping. Ensure that the V-belt is properly tensioned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Adjust the tension by using the appropriate tensioning method or tools.
    • Inspect for wear or damage: Examine the V-belt for signs of wear, cracks, fraying, or other damage. A worn-out belt may not provide adequate grip and can lead to slipping. Replace the belt if necessary.
    • Check pulley alignment: Misaligned pulleys can cause the belt to slip. Verify that the pulleys are properly aligned both parallel and angularly. Adjust the pulley positions if misalignment is detected.
    • Assess pulley condition: Worn or damaged pulleys can contribute to belt slipping. Inspect the pulleys for wear, rough surfaces, or damage. If needed, replace the pulleys to ensure proper belt engagement.
    • Verify the load and application: Excessive loads or improper application can cause the belt to slip. Ensure that the belt drive system is designed and rated for the specific load requirements.
  3. Squealing:
  4. Squealing noises from V-belts are often caused by vibrations, misalignment, or improper tension. To troubleshoot squealing issues:

    • Check belt tension: Insufficient or excessive belt tension can lead to squealing. Adjust the tension to the recommended range specified by the manufacturer.
    • Inspect for wear or contamination: Check the V-belt for signs of wear, glazing, or contamination. Worn or contaminated belts may produce squealing noises. Replace the belt if necessary and eliminate any contamination from the belt or pulleys.
    • Examine pulley condition: Damaged or worn pulleys can create noise. Inspect the pulleys for wear, damage, or rough surfaces. Replace any worn or damaged pulleys.
    • Verify pulley alignment: Misaligned pulleys can cause the belt to run at an angle, resulting in noise. Ensure that the pulleys are correctly aligned both parallel and angularly. Adjust the pulley positions if misalignment is detected.
    • Check for belt glazing: Belt glazing occurs when the belt’s contact surface becomes smooth and glossy, reducing traction. If glazing is present, roughen the belt’s surface with fine sandpaper or replace the belt if necessary.
    • Assess environmental factors: Environmental conditions, such as excessive heat or humidity, can affect belt performance. Ensure that the belt drive system operates within the recommended temperature and humidity ranges.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can identify and address common issues with V-belts, such as slipping or squealing. Regular maintenance, proper tensioning, and alignment are crucial for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the belt drive system.

v belt

What are the advantages of using V-belts in power transmission systems?

V-belts offer several advantages when used in power transmission systems:

  1. High friction: The V-shaped cross-section of the belt increases the contact area with the pulleys, resulting in high frictional forces. This allows for effective power transmission even in applications with high torque or heavy loads.
  2. Belt wedging: When the V-belt is tensioned, it wedges itself deeper into the pulley grooves, enhancing the friction and preventing slippage between the belt and the pulleys. This feature is especially useful in applications where the driven pulley needs to rotate at a different speed than the driving pulley.
  3. Quiet operation: V-belts generally operate with less noise compared to other types of belts, such as flat belts. The V-shaped design helps to reduce vibrations and noise levels during power transmission.
  4. Simple installation: V-belts are relatively easy to install and replace. They can be quickly mounted on the pulleys without requiring extensive alignment procedures.
  5. Cost-effective: V-belts are typically more affordable compared to other power transmission methods, such as gear systems or synchronous belts. This makes them a cost-effective choice for many applications.
  6. Flexibility: V-belts can accommodate misalignments and slight variations in pulley diameters. They can also operate in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, making them versatile for different environments.
  7. Energy efficiency: V-belts have relatively low energy losses during power transmission, resulting in efficient energy transfer between the driving and driven pulleys.

It’s important to note that while V-belts offer numerous advantages, they also have limitations. They are not suitable for applications that require precise speed control or when high-speed ratios are needed. In such cases, other power transmission methods may be more appropriate.

In conclusion, the advantages of using V-belts in power transmission systems include high friction, belt wedging, quiet operation, simple installation, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and energy efficiency.

China Professional 6.3777.0 Drive Belt for Relacement Kaeser Mbl-Rtbstar 500L Air CZPT V-Ribbed Spare Parts   with Good quality China Professional 6.3777.0 Drive Belt for Relacement Kaeser Mbl-Rtbstar 500L Air CZPT V-Ribbed Spare Parts   with Good quality
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