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The normal maintenance and characteristics of the conveyor chain plate

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1. If the conveyor chain plate appears to be off-track, remember not to adjust it quickly, as this will damage the edge of the mesh belt, and the shaft should be tightened;

2. If there is a jitter phenomenon, you should check whether the conveyor rack refuses to run, and adjust it according to its actual problem;

3. If the mesh belt skips the chain and the running speed is not messy, just see if there is a problem with the two shafts and the sprocket, whether the sprocket is excessively worn, if it is, replace it in time. It affects the normal operation of the mesh belt conveyor. The mesh belt conveyor is an important equipment for conveying. When using it, it must be clear whether there is a problem, where the problem is, and then find a solution.

It is best to adjust the conveyor chain plate to zero when it is closed, so as not to have items on the belt when it is turned on, and cause some unintended losses.If the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor does not have the function of forward and reverse rotation, it is best to lock the function of forward and reverse rotation of the inverter to prevent the belt from reversing and causing frictional damage on the running edge. It is linear, and it is bent and deformed by mistake to avoid it. The belt runs sideways.If the belt is running off or the conveyor belt is rubbed, it is best to find a transfer staff to debug it in a hurry. Sometimes the situation is serious, the stainless steel mesh belt will be caught in the large drum, and it should be closed immediately. motor.It is necessary to check whether the oil of the reducer is sufficient. It can be seen from a small circular window on the outside of the machine. If the oil is not enough, the internal gear will have a large friction. Long-term wear will damage the gear and make it unusable. When the equipment is used for six months or one year, it is best to change the oil once.

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