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How to check conveyor failure

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Conveyors are widely used in industry, and conveyors are now used in many transportation.

Conveyors also fail in many cases.There are many reasons for the failure, and it is very important to eliminate the failure of the conveyor, because the failure of the conveyor will not only affect the production, but also affect the personal safety in serious cases. [Belt Conveyor] The most common fault is that the conveyor belt will deviate.

There are many reasons for this failure. The general one is that the accuracy of the conveyor becomes lower after a long time of use, or it is not installed properly during the installation process.

The slip between the drum and the belt is also a cause.The solution is to ensure the coincidence of the entire centerline, check the deviation of the head and tail bearings, and adjust the deviation of the bearings.

Equipment wear is also a common fault, mainly due to the destructive effect of the environment on the entire conveyor, as well as the production process.If the equipment is worn out, the best solution is to replace the material. When there is no material replacement, it must be protected.

The motor is also a frequent failure of the conveyor.Many reasons are because the motor runs for a long time, or the motor is aging due to long-term use.

The correct way to deal with this time is to check the circuit or replace the motor.

Broken belt is also a very dangerous fault, mainly due to the aging of the conveyor during use, poor maintenance, or rupture caused by friction with a fixed hard object.Even if adjustments are needed in this case, it is very important to keep the conveyor belt well.

Conveyors play an important role in the development of society, and conveyors are indispensable in industry.

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