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The structure and advantages of double-sided tooth synchronous belt

Article source: unknown Popularity:发表时间:2018-04-28 14:38
Double-sided tooth synchronous beltWith its light structure, non-slip meshing transmission, low noise, etc., it has been recognized, recognized and widely used by the majority of machinery, textiles, precision instruments, petrochemicals, communication cables and other industries.It not only integrates the advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission, but also overcomes the shortcomings of other transmission belts such as slipping and elongation. It forms a unique transmission method. It also has a constant speed ratio, a large speed range, a compact structure, and a farm. Many advantages such as multi-axis transmission, oil resistance, moisture resistance, and no need for lubrication are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.The successful development of the double-sided toothed synchronous belt has demonstrated its excellence in areas that require one belt to be driven and in the opposite direction, or where the installation location is particularly compact, or in other areas with high transmission requirements such as the main drive and auxiliary drive linkage; Super bending performance, super high tensile strength, precise meshing, low signal-to-noise ratio, etc., all left a good impression on users.Its obvious price advantage has taken a solid step for domestic synchronous belts to replace similar foreign products. Moreover, in China, many enterprises have introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment. These advanced machinery and equipment have adopted a large number of various synchronous belts. This precisely provides a huge business opportunity for the timing belt.Especially in some special equipment, double-sided toothed synchronous belts are even more effective. Often after these transmission belts are damaged, users can't find the synchronous products. They have a long way to go and seek help from our company.Examples like this are endless.There are also some manufacturers imitating various foreign machinery and equipment in order to reduce manufacturing and equipment costs while introducing foreign equipment.As a result, many matching timing belts and matching products have been applied, and on this basis, the advanced ideas of foreign manufacturing machinery and equipment have been digested and developed and improved, which has created superior conditions for the rapid development of precision transmission in the machinery industry.

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