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Application of conveyor belt in food industry

Article source: unknown Popularity:发表时间:2018-04-28 14:36
In recent years, we have accelerated the adjustment of the food industry structure, promoted industrial transformation and upgrading, and built a modern food industry system with Chinese characteristics. The industry concentration of the domestic food industry has greatly increased, the scale of enterprises has increased, and the production capacity has increased. The production efficiency and automation of equipment have also been improved. Further requirements.Therefore, the automated food conveyor line has ushered in a greater market opportunity. Also coming with this is the food conveyor belt. The food conveyor belt is an indispensable part of the food conveyor line, such as PU conveyor belt.

The origin of the conveyor line is very early, but the true modern conveyor line originated from the United Kingdom during the industrial revolution.Nowadays, there are various types of conveyor lines, which can be applied to the transportation of various industrial production materials.The conveying line is mainly to complete the conveying tasks of its materials.Around the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, a conveyor chain composed of many belt conveyors, roller conveyors, etc. is set up, which are connected end to end to form a continuous conveyor line.

At the current stage of economic consolidation and rapid development in my country, the continuous improvement of industrial automation has driven the rapid development of food, agricultural products, electronics, building materials, packaging, logistics and other industries. The huge market for downstream applications will bring the domestic light conveyor belt industry Huge development opportunities. In 2010, the market demand for light conveyor belts in my country exceeded 1400 million square kilometers, and the market size was 16.85 billion yuan.In the next few years, my country's demand for light conveyor belts will increase year by year. By 2014, my country's demand for light conveyor belts will reach 2051 million square meters, and the domestic market will reach 28.76 billion yuan.

Due to the shortage of labor, the food industry also put forward relevant requirements for automatic conveyor lines: first, the automatic conveyor line should be reasonably installed in the acceptance area, storage area, picking area, outbound review area, collection and distribution area, etc., using barcodes Through the power transmission line, the medicine will be delivered to the destination area, so as to realize the automatic and continuous logistics transmission of each operation link of the logistics center.

The level of equipment is the basis for the development of the food industry.The XNUMXth Five-Year Plan for the food industry points out that great efforts must be made to increase the autonomy rate of equipment and improve the overall technical equipment level of the food industry.The focus is to break through key equipment and supporting technologies such as digital design and advanced manufacturing of food equipment, intelligent control and process testing, energy saving and emission reduction, quality control, monitoring and testing, safety and health common technologies and standards, and accelerate the process of equipment autonomy.

The automated food conveyor line greatly improves the production efficiency of the food industry and also meets the national requirements for food machinery and equipment.Therefore, the market space is considerable.But at the same time, there are still some shortcomings in the current conveying line field itself, such as conveying accuracy and other aspects that need to be greatly improved to better meet the needs of modern industrial production.

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