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Optimized design of conveyor belt

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Conveyor belts play a vital role in our production activities.Conveyor belts are constantly innovating as industrial demands change.

According to various factors such as different terrain, climate, and transformation of conveyor belt enterprises, we will widen the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor and increase the transportation speed of the belt conveyor to meet the purpose of improving transportation efficiency.The widening of the conveyor belt needs to be based on the specific terrain and if there is a large space for production activities, the conveyor belt can be appropriately widened to increase production.If the terrain does not allow it, do not choose to widen the conveyor belt, so the corresponding investment will increase.If the terrain does not allow it, the belt speed of the conveyor belt can be increased, which is more advantageous.Because the belt speed is high, the density of the material line will decrease, and the transportation strength will decrease.Usually we will adopt a high-speed transportation plan.

Increasing belt speed also has restrictions. High-quality conveyor belts and conveyors must be guaranteed. Another important condition is ventilation.

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