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Do you know how to maintain the battery slot of the pattern conveyor belt

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Manually open the entrance door of the formation tank, and then use photoelectric to control the cylinder of the pattern conveyor belt, count 6 and control each. Finally, after the battery is in place, the cylinder of the conveyor line pushes the battery into the formation channel and starts the conveyor belt to move forward. 400mm, the conveyor belt stops, at the same time the cylinder returns to its position, and the trough is completed.Repeat this to complete the slot. (Manually) Close the entrance door.Adjust the liquid level sensor to ensure the water level required by batteries of any specification, inject cooling water, and circulate it. There is a pH meter to monitor the pH of the tank water at any time, and control the caustic soda solution into the tank to ensure that the pH of the cooling water is neutral.After the battery formation is over, discharge the tank: release the cooling water.Lift the exit door of the formation tank (manually), and the water level is controlled 3mm above the lower surface of the conveyor belt to ensure water lubrication.

The following items should be paid attention to in the use of pattern conveyor belt:

①Avoid the supporting rollers being covered by materials, causing ineffective rotation, preventing leakage of materials from getting stuck between the roller and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the movable parts, but do not oil the conveyor belt;

②Avoid starting with load;

③If the conveyor belt deviates, take measures to correct it during application;

④ It is found that the conveyor belt is partially damaged and repaired when applying artificial cotton to avoid expansion.

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